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Back-up Care

Child and Adult Care

If you're a salaried or hourly paid employee not covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement, you're eligible for K-C's new back-up care benefit. Back-up care, administered by Bright Horizons, can help you manage the unexpected, so you don’t have to miss work whenever there’s a disruption in your child or adult care plans.

How Back-up Care Works

Bright Horizons helps arrange center-based child care and in-home child and adult care with 10 subsidized visits per calendar year. When you use a subsidized visit from K-C, you’ll only pay:

  • A daily care-center copay of $15 per child with a $25 family daily maximum, or
  • A copay for $6 per hour for hour for in-home child or adult care (three children max).

Once you’ve used all 10 of your subsidized visits, you can continue to use Bright Horizons to find care providers. However, you’re responsible for the full cost of care.

When can I use back-up care?

Below are examples of when you could use the back-up care benefit:

  • School closes unexpectedly for the day.
  • The babysitter gets the flu.
  • Your child is mildly ill and can't attend school or child care.
  • Your parent’s caregiver is unavailable for the day.
  • Your child’s school or center is closed for teacher in-service days, or inclement weather.
  • You’re in between child care arrangements.
  • A spouse has surgery and needs supervision, and many more.

About Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons has more than 2,000 child care centers and 200,000 experienced caregivers in its network across the country. Child care centers are led by qualified teachers with age appropriate curriculum and strict health and safety policies. All caregivers pass extensive background checks, screening processes, and are trained in CPR/First Aid.

How You’ll Register & Arrange Care

To reserve back-up care, you must have a Bright Horizons account. To ensure you can use the benefit when you need it most, it’s recommended you register in advance of needing care.


Representatives are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Username: KCC

Password: mykccbenefits

Bright Horizons Back-up Care Mobile App

(available for iOS and Android)

Additional Resources

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions on how the new back-up care benefit works.

Center-based Child Care Requirements

For center-based child care, you’ll also be required to complete paperwork and submit information before your child can be cared for. This may include submitting birth certificates, immunization records, and primary care physician contact information.

Note: The specific materials required vary based on state and local requirements. Bright Horizons can provide more information on the specific requirements as you make care reservations.

How You’ll Pay for Care

To make a reservation for back-up care, payment information (e.g., credit or debit card) is required and will be pre-authorized. Charges will be processed daily after the care is complete.

Once you’ve used all 10 of your subsidized visits, you can continue to use Bright Horizons to find care providers. However, you’re responsible for the full cost of care.


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